May 29 2020

Illustrating a Stylised Fantasy Scene, Concept to Final Piece

SPEAKER Andy The Illustrator
DURATION May 29, 30 & 31 (20 hours)
PRICE 280 €
PLACE c/ Medellín, 3, 29002 Málaga
LANGUAGE English | Assistance in Spanish
SCHEDULE Fri: 16-20h, Sat & Sun: 9-13:30 / 15-18:30
Have you ever wanted to learn how to illustrate your own fantasy scene or landscape? If so then this is the course for you! This workshop will guide you through the entire process from gathering research material and developing mood boards, creating thumbnail sketches and experimenting with composition and finally onto the creation of a final illustration. Creating a believable and interesting scenes doesn’t have to be so difficult when you know the steps involved, Andy will share with you his entire process and all the digital techniques he uses that he has developed over 10 years of working within the creative industry as an illustrator teaching you everything you will need to know to be able start creating your own fantastic worlds. What will you learn? The Introduction: Andy will welcome you to the world of fantasy illustration, what are the practical applications and how can you apply the skills gained during this workshop in developing your portfolio and seeking out those opportunities to kick start your career. Find out what the various tools and techniques are that Andy uses day to day, what equipment do you really need to be a professional illustrator, busting the myths and common misconceptions to becoming a pro. Workshop overview: Gathering the Research. During this section of the workshop you will learn about the importance of research and the essential steps you will need to carry out before starting any illustration. You will explore the concept of world building and how to begin the steps in laying down the foundation for your illustration through a series of exercises. Mood board creation: you will learn about the importance of mood board creation to determine composition, colour themes, architectural styles and genre of your piece. During this stage of the workshop you will be creating your own series of mood boards and learning how to utilise them as a powerful world building tool. Creating thumbnails: learn about the importance of thumbnailing to establish those key compositions and why they are so important in developing your ideas whilst working both alone and part of a team. Andy will go cover the steps involved in creating your own thumbnails and how to process them through a series of exercises to establish the tone and composition of your planned illustration. Developing a working sketch: at this point in the workshop you will now have an understanding of the steps required build a solid base to begin your illustration. You will learn how to create a working sketch, a vital step in the process when proposing your ideas to clients and achieving sign off on your concept before going full steam ahead and getting stuck into the final artwork. Illustrating your stylised Fantasy Scene: the first step in creating your final illustration is laying down the linework. Andy will explain his processes to explain how achieves clean detailed line work and what you can do to ensure the same effect in your work. Learn about the steps involved in digitally colouring your linework: Andy will demonstrate in entirety his colouring techniques from start to finish touching on colour theory and best practices. Colour is a vital element in establishing the overall tone of your illustration and Andy will teach you how to get it right every time. Finishing is key! 80% of your time should be spent on the last 20% of your illustration, the final steps are the most crucial steps in the process of your illustration, find out what they are and how to properly add those final touches such as lighting, filter effects and details to your work that make it stand out from the rest.
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Andy The Illustrator
Andy Williams (AKA Andy the illustrator) is an illustrator from Nottingham, England who has been working within the industry for over 10 years. Starting out as an animator Andy developed his illustration skills to produce his own assets for his animations, over time he slowly transitioned away from animation to become known purely for his stylised illustrations.

During his time working as an illustrator and animator Andy has had the opportunity to create work for a wide variety of leading global clients from a huge range of industries and sectors. He has developed his style over time and has become known for his colourful, stylised fantasy themed illustrations which has lead him away from corporate clients and more towards the indie scene working on projects such as comics, concept art and storyboarding.

His work is often described as a mashup between Ghibli and Adventure time, often portraying fun, light hearted, whimsical characters and landscapes. His inspiration comes from watching anime and taking photographs of the wildlife and scenery whilst out walking in the countryside near his home.

Although Andy has studied illustration at degree level he believes the majority of his success has come from self-study, taking advantages of online resources and courses whilst working with experienced artists already established within the industry. Because of this he is passionate about working with new artists wanting to get started or just entering the industry sharing his experiences, best practices and techniques that he wishes he had known starting out.

Whilst working on select commission work Andy is primarily focusing on his own world building project ‘The Lost Legend of Lazarus’ to develop his own series of comics and written stories in the near future.
This workshop is directed at artists that are just entering the industry or are looking to begin a career as an illustrator. Artists partaking on this workshop will gain a deeper understanding of the essential skills required in creating believable fictional scenes based upon a series of world building exercises.

Artists wanting to partake on the workshop should have a basic working knowledge of either photoshop or procreate looking to advance their skills to produce professional level work. This is also an ideal workshop for artists that have just began to transition from working traditionally to digitally and looking to learn the methods and techniques to producing digital illustrations start to finish.
This workshop will be orientated around digital illustration therefore you will be required to have either, an iPad with an iPad pencil and have procreate installed of the tablet, or a similar painting application. Alternatively, you can use a laptop with a drawing tablet with Photoshop. Please note that you will have to have all software preinstalled and have licensed the software yourself, we will not be providing any software or hardware for you to work on during the workshop.

It is also advisable that you bring a sketchpad, pencil and pen (fine liner or ballpoint), these are not necessary to do the workshop however some steps may involve sketch book work, however, if you prefer you can also do these parts of the workshop digitally.

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