Oct 02 2020

Communicate with the image

SPEAKER Roger Olmos
DURATION October 02, 03 & 04 (20 hours)
PRICE 240 €
PLACE c/ Medellín, 3, 29002 Málaga
LANGUAGE Spanish | Assistance in English
SCHEDULE Fri: 16-20h, Sat & Sun: 9-13:30 / 15-18:30
The illustration goes beyond facilitating the understanding of a text with an image. We can create our own language from our inner universe. Each person accumulates throughout his life a multitude of experiences, good and bad. We remember with longing times gone by seeing a color, landscape or smell. Sounds that evoke distant places, life experiences that immerse us in different types of melancholy. We are going to be able to use all that imagination that we have been storing on our hard drives to tell parallel stories, to emphasize a sensation or to warn of what is to come. I will not teach you to draw, because it’s not about that, I will teach you to transmit, to evoke, to compose, to create spaces with elements of your head in which the composition will speak for itself. And more importantly, look at what history doesn’t tell us. We will play with graphite, explore this material and create two paralle languages with your technique and grayscale.
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Roger Olmos
He was born in Barcelona on December 23rd, 1975, and approached the world of illustration as a child. At the end of his studies, after an apprenticeship at the Institut Dexeus as a scientific illustrator, he enrolled in the Llotja Avinyò School of Arts and Crafts, before dedicating himself to children book illustrations. In 1999 he was selected for the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna, since then he has published more than 90 titles with a score of Spanish and international publishers, awarded prizes and selected at illustration fairs across the globe. He has also held many courses and workshops of the trade around the world.

Right now among his goals in this profession is to denormalize and condemn any kind of animal exploitation. He dialogues and shows both authors and publishers that zoos, farms, animal shops or circuses are environments that should not be shown as paradises for non-human animals.
Students of art or illustration, beginners or professionals of the sector.

  • Free colour technique: Gouache or acrylic or pencils or watercolors... (except oils). Have various sizes of pointed and flat brushes.

  • Colors, the basics, include a vermillion, earth shade, and a sap green. For watercolors, bring a bottle or tube of Titan white gouache.

  • Graphite: Graphite powder, pencils HB, 2B, 6B.

  • Soft rubber, of (moldable one, which is used for charcoal), grey or white.

  • Normal rubber for white pencil, precision 2mm. Goes in a rubber holder brand MONO Zero of the house Tombow.

  • Pencil sharpener or cutter.

  • Paper suitable for water technique, minimum 250 thick. Caballo paper, or some high-weight paper that has almost no grain, we don’t want textures…

  • Make-up remover cotton discs, (of those that go in a tube, the size of a cookie)

  • Painter tape, of that paper kind that hardly sticks.

  • Notebook A4 normal paper for sketches.

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Italian Trulli
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