20 Sep 2019

Editorial illustration: the thought cornered by the line

SPEAKER César Tezeta
DURATION 20 - 22 September (20 hours)
PRICE 140 €
PLACE c/ Medellín, 3, 29002 Málaga
LANGUAGE Spanish - assistance in English
SCHEDULE Fri: 16-20, Sat & Sun: 9-13:30 y 15-18:30
In this workshop we’ll make a personal exploration directed towards the creation of concepts and their graphic representation. Regardless of the style with which one wishes to work, we will seek to give visual form to concepts, We will use various techniques of association of ideas and experiment with different techniques to explore our path towards the final illustration. * On the first day we´ll take a tour of different international authors of reference to understand the concepts of composition, visual narrative resources (metaphor, hyperbole, etc.) and how technique or style can boost an idea. All theoretical content will be accompanied by exercises to internalize these concepts. * On the second day we’ll look for an idea, develop it in common, looking for what elements should be highlighted, how we can refine it to fulfill its communicative function, when we should stop working on an illustration (to avoid loss of freshness), how to focus the viewer’s attention on certain points in the image, etc. During this day, each participant will perform one or more personal interpretations of the concept approved as a whole, so that we can finally see the differences that exist according to the approach, style and composition that each one has given. * On the third day the participant will receive a briefing with an editorial commission with a real brief text (extracted from the recent news) and will have to carry out the whole process on his own, helped by the mentor and colleagues, to present his illustration at the end. Each one will explain his/her image, how the development has been, what decisions he/she had to make to choose the composition, colors, shapes, tone, etc.
20 available vacancies
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César Tezeta
César Tezeta was born in 1985 and devoted himself to drawing without stopping until 2010, which began to study illustration. Thousands of hours of drawing and a career of German Philology are behind the day in which he decides to devote himself to the world of drawing and to become freelance. Since then he has lived and worked in Madrid, Berlin and Málaga, doing commissions of editorial illustration, posters, album covers, movie posters, video clips, promotional animations, video games for mobile and, above all, illustrating a lot. The future is uncertain, but it will be well drawn.
Students of plastic arts, art and drawing enthusiasts, illustrators who want to deepen into their own work, philosophers with a pencil at hand.

  • A good supply of sheets, notebooks, pages and paper to draw, take notes and write ideas. Some of best quality paper (watercolor paper, if it´s possible).

  • Pens, pencils (2B, 3B, 5B), conté bar, graphite, charcoal, Chinese ink, brushes of all existing forms, tempera, watercolor, etc. Everything that can be used as a drawing technique.

  • Due to its limitations when experimenting with the technique, it’s recommended to leave the digital material aside and focus on drawing by hand, but youcan bring tablets or laptops if you consider it necessary.

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